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Creativity is structured chaos. It is the balance between a solid method and inspiration.

INNOWIZ (innovation wizard, °2007) guides people through any innovation process and encourages them to make use of creativity techniques. INNOWIZ was developed by researchers working at the Industrial Design Center of Howest University College West-Flanders in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Although the INNOWIZ web tool originated within a framework of (industrial) product development, the original ambition was that it would be applicable to any other innovation process. So, INNOWIZ cannot only help you solve your technical problems, but can also be deployed for organizational, strategic, personal... purposes.


The INNOWIZ 4-step-method makes any creative process transparent and tangible.
The general creative process consists of four different stages: 
Problem/Challenge Definition, Idea Generation, Idea Selection and Idea Communication/Materialization.

This method structures a creative process and ensures that people tackle their project in a highly efficient manner. By consistently and iteratively running through these four steps, you are guaranteed a better implementation and realization of good ideas.


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